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Teaching Excellence

In this episode, Michelle Blank, assistant professor in the Department of Humanities and Communication, Dr. Jeremy Rentz, associate professor in the Reiners Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Megan Tolin, assistant professor and director of education technology in the Franks School of Education, talk about Trine’s Center for Teaching Excellence, the challenges educators have faced with COVID-19, and the upcoming Fort Wayne Teaching and Learning Conference.

Dr. Melissa Somerville - Diversity in Nursing

In this episode, Dr. Melissa Somerville, faculty member in Trine’s online RN-to-BSN program, talks about diversity in the nursing profession – why more diversity is needed, and what the profession, educational institutions and individual nurses can do about it.

Prof. Alison Todd – Education in the Wake of COVID-19

In this episode of Faculty Focus, Prof. Alison Todd, assistant professor in Trine’s Franks School of Education, former elementary and middle school classroom teacher, and mother of two elementary-age children, talks about the impact of COVID-19 on school-age students, parents, and teachers, and what parents can do to prepare themselves and their children for the fall. She also shares advice and encouragement for classroom teachers.

Prof. Jeff McGowan - Taxes

In this episode, Prof. Jeff McGowan talks about everyone’s favorite topic this time of year: taxes. Jeff shares tips for doing your own taxes as well as working with a professional, and shares some of the strangest things people have claimed – or tried to claim – as deductions.

Teaching and Learning

In this episode of Faculty Focus, Dr. Gary Greene and Dr. Jeremy Rentz, associate professors of civil engineering, and Michelle Blank, assistant professor of English, talk about sessions they will be presenting at the upcoming Fort Wayne Teaching and Learning Conference. In particular, they will discuss methods educators can use to better engage learners.

Dr. Byron Bond - Theatre and Media

In this month’s episode, Dr. Byron Bond, associate professor in Trine University’s Department of Humanities and Communication, talks about his background in theatre and media, including appearing as an extra in four movies. He also talks about Trine’s new theatre minor and about the state of news and entertainment media today.

Megan Tolin - Technology in Education

In this episode of Faculty Focus, Megan Tolin, assistant professor in the Franks School of Education, talks about the use of technology in elementary, middle and high school education. Megan formerly served as a classroom teacher and as director of technology, innovation and pedagogy for the Indiana University School of Education at Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis. She maintains her focus on educational technology in her role at Trine, having presented at international conferences on the topic.

Dr. Bill Barge - Cybersecurity

In this inaugural episode, Dr. Bill Barge, associate professor in Trine University’s Department of Computer Science and Information Technology talks about how our personal, financial and other information is protected online, and how hackers and other cybercriminals are sometimes able to get around these measures. He also talks about the pitfalls of electronic and online voting, and shares practical tips on keeping your private information safe.

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